From The Back Cover...

From The Back Cover...

Rather apologetically, she tells me the water cooler is a little difficult to use and teeters over in her high heels to fetch me a cup of water. At the cooler she bends right over, bottom up and wiggling in a suggestive manner in my general direction. I look over my shoulder, expecting to see another bloke. But the place is empty, only me. The floor show is all for my benefit. Oh my God! Was this really the time and place to be picking someone up? It did cross my mind that a game of 'hide the sausage' might not be a bad idea, but I was far too nervous for anything like that. Smiling provocatively she hands me the water before disappearing off. Perhaps it was a test of some sort?

She appears minutes after, having remembered her role as usher (and not porn star) and asks me my name and the time of the court appearance. Then she asks if I am the applicant or the respondent, and to be honest I'm not too sure.
"Respondent, I think" I reply,
"Ah, another sheep to be shorn", she smiles and walks away.

And at that moment I think 'Oh my God, maybe thats exactly it; another sheep to be shorn.

Another man put on the conveyor belt to be wheeled in, relieved of his worldly possessions and then seen out the back door

I Have Never Read Anything Quite Like It...

Simon Brown is an ordinary working Man, yet with his decision to be a ‘Respondent in Person’ the UK Family Courts and his Wife’s hoard of Credit Funded Family Lawyers subjected him to a near 4 Year Divorce wrangle over his only real asset; his Home. With incredible humour Simon takes the reader through his early and married life and then the farce of the Divorce Proceedings.

ANOTHER SHEEP TO BE SHORN – MEN AND DIVORCE is a sad yet very funny breeze through the life and courtroom dealings of an everyday working class man pulled through the gun barrel of the Family Court in what Simon himself describes as a ‘System Run by Women for Women’.

This incredible new Paperback and downloadable eBook has already provoked responses from pre-launch readers and reviewers in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, India, China, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, which only goes to prove this new book aimed at Divorcing Men and Friends of Divorcing and Separated Men is hitting it’s Mark.

As a Woman I can tell you I absolutely love this Book! In 20 years of reviewing Books and working in Publishing I have never read anything quite like it, perhaps Women really do like ‘Peeping over the Neighbours Fence’!

Download or Order your copy of ANOTHER SHEEP TO BE SHORN – MEN AND DIVORCE today, it’s a serious subject but a Great Fun Read!


Another Sheep to be Shorn
Men and Divorce